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Mac AppStore is here !

By this time you would’ve known Apple has now started a Mac Appstore ! You can get all the softwares for your Mac right from the Mac App store. Its pretty neat, a one stop shop for your software needs. … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS

Few days ago,  my magic mouse seemed to have magically disappeared (my 6 year old son thought it was funny to hide it) and I had to get some stuffs done and could not figure out the keyboard shortcuts.  My … Continue reading

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What ?!? Anti-virus for Mac?

What ?!? Virus on a Mac !   Not a chance !!  Thats what the Mac fan boys claim.  To certain extent its right.  One of the many high points of Mac is that its not prone to virus attack. … Continue reading

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Lion is on its way !

Apple Inc made their Mac fans happy again. With all the iPhone, iPads, iTouch, iPods and Apple TV, the Mac fans were wondering whether Apple has neglected their OS for their award wining and unmatched computers.  But today, Apple announced … Continue reading

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