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Creating a new file system in Linux

Here how you would create a new file system : First create a new partition using fdisk. eg: fdisk /dev/sdb     –> Options (m , n,p,1,  ,t,8e,w) Create volume group vgcreate myvg /dev/sdb1 Create a logical volume lvcreate -L … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu has released yet another version.  For all those Windows users who like to try out linux, Ubuntu now have a windows installer option that lets you run Ubuntu linux and your crappy windows side by side.  The windows installer … Continue reading

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04

Few days ago, I wrote how to install DB2 under Ubuntu and about the latest version of Ubuntu 9.04.  One of my system was running Ubuntu 8.10 and decided to upgrade it to the latest and much talked Ubuntu 9.04. … Continue reading

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DB2 on Ubuntu

Have you heard about Ubuntu ?  Its one of the most popular open source linux distribution available. Lot of people associate  open source with unstable and unreliable software, but ironically its not.  Majority of the open source software are pretty good … Continue reading

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