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Copy S3 objects across AWS Accounts

This will show you how to copy objects between S3 buckets across different AWS Accounts. Its not an easy drag and drop. Not sure why Amazon doesn’t provide an easy “SFTP” like feature. Here are the steps: Prerequisites You would … Continue reading

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Setting up JAVA_HOME on a mac

Installing and setting up JAVA_HOME was a bit of a research for me. So thought I would post it here so next time anyone else or myself wonders how to do it . Run the following command /usr/libexec/java_home -V  to … Continue reading

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Creating a new file system in Linux

Here how you would create a new file system : First create a new partition using fdisk. eg: fdisk /dev/sdb     –> Options (m , n,p,1,  ,t,8e,w) Create volume group vgcreate myvg /dev/sdb1 Create a logical volume lvcreate -L … Continue reading

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Script check the index fragmentation in SQL Server

Today I had a need to find the index fragmentation on one of my sql server database and I found this script buried on my computer, thought I will share it here: DECLARE @DatabaseID int SET @DatabaseID = DB_ID() SELECT … Continue reading

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