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Creating a new file system in Linux

Here how you would create a new file system : First create a new partition using fdisk. eg: fdisk /dev/sdb     –> Options (m , n,p,1,  ,t,8e,w) Create volume group vgcreate myvg /dev/sdb1 Create a logical volume lvcreate -L … Continue reading

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How to setup ssh keys

I was trying to setup ssh keys on my linux servers and found this link to be very useful–2 Credit goes to:  Etel Sverdlov of digital ocean on explaining

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Adding CentOS repository to RedHat Enterprise Linux

Don’t have an active Red Hat subscription, but you want to use YUM ??? No problem, you can always add CentOS repository to the yum repos directory to have your red hat linux download and install from CentOS repository. So … Continue reading

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Expanding VM disk in Virtual Box

I have been using VirtualBox for couple of weeks now and I find it pretty stable.  VirtualBox is a free VM engine from Oracle.  It can run pretty much any OS you want as a guest with Windows, Linux , Solaris and … Continue reading

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