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Adding CentOS repository to RedHat Enterprise Linux

Don’t have an active Red Hat subscription, but you want to use YUM ??? No problem, you can always add CentOS repository to the yum repos directory to have your red hat linux download and install from CentOS repository. So … Continue reading

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Bend it like Beckham..errr… iPhone 6 Plus !

Enough of all these complaints about iPhone 6 plus bends ! I just don’t get it. If you want to put your phone in your pocket , then why the heck are you buying such a large phone. Well, to … Continue reading

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Real Time Cyber Threat Map

I thought this is cool and wanted to share with y’all. Kapersky has a web page that show cyber threat around the world in real time. Not sure how accurate or real time it is. But its definitely something worth … Continue reading

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Do you have a Pebble ?

There is a whole lot of talk about wearables. Smart watches leads the subject.  The newest being the so called iWatch from apple. Well, I am not going to talk about iWatch here, you can find about that in numerous … Continue reading

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